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Substation &Generator Installation

Standby Generator & Substation Installation

Substation Installation & Maintenance

We have been installing generators for more than a decade. We can handle any type of new generator installation, from the smallest residential installation to a large business or commercial duty generator system. Each of our manufacturers have very comprehensive web sites explaining their products. We give the consumer the flexibility of choosing between several manufactures. We will gladly explain the differences and advantages each company has. Please feel free to click on the links below to browse the different brands. We can gladly help with your decision.

Generator Installation & Maintenance

From the planning and design of projects through to fault investigation, repair and switchgear automation. We have undertaken and managed substation replacements within some of the country’s biggest cities which comes with numerous challenges to overcome which all forms part of our service to you.

The substation will always be the heartbeat of any electrical infrastructure without one there is no infrastructure. With the ever-increasing demand for businesses to provide maximum output with minimum disruption you need a substation capable of providing both to give you total peace of mind.

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We are always ready to take any challenge, So give your Problem to us, we will provide you the solution which will best fit and match to you.