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Integrated Security & System

Integrated Security Systems is your Full-Service Systems Integrator with a long history of providing Security and Fire Life-Safety solutions for our corporate, industrial and institutional clients throughout the Bangladesh


"It is Beyond Surveillance- It is Safety" CTV cameras are one of the key elements in securing our daily lives. We execute the mission to develop superior quality CCTV cameras for security. We also provide the most price-competitive high-end DVRs that are both easy to install and offer reliable means to protect your properties and lives.

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Car parking soloution

Automated Car Parking is a method of automatically parking and retrieving cars that typically use a system of pallets and lifts. The intention is to compact more cars in the same space, reduce the space needed to park the same number of cars. Automated car parks can be situated above or below ground or a combination of both.

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Access Control and Time & Attendance

smarti access control is a complete cloud solution for managing and controlling access of members and non-members of organizations to the facilities. It delivers safety and accountability for all types of customers, from small business operations to large corporate premises. Our solution is flexible and can be highly customized, that is why we are also providing advanced many advanced features and adaptable solutions.

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Smart Transport

Passion Tech is committed to providing complete and innovative solutions in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS). The latest solution from Passion Tech Smart IP Solutions, the Intelligent Traffic System solution includes dedicated, high-performance cameras for event capture, reliable embedded video terminals for event recording, and a centralized video management platform.

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Cloud Video Surveillance System

Cloud storage is the term for saving files to a remote storage system accessed online instead of, or in addition to, saving files on an NVR or computer hard drive. This gives you several advantages over saving all surveillance videos on a NVR including the ability to access videos from anywhere and a larger storage capacity than your NVR may have.

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Walk Through Metal Detector

Supports multiple detection zone modes Adapts beam structure, modular design, and hidden wiring design Advanced robust and washable panels High durability, anti-wearing, and weatherproof structure A stainless steel metal bracket with adjustable viewing angles provides a better viewing angle and avoids light reflection. Adapts 15V low voltage power to protect the human body.

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Single Lane Flap Barrier Turnstile

SUS304 stainless steel casework ensure long-lasting durability High quality electrical components Barriers retract automatically during emergencies Barriers retract automatically during power outage with battery installed All smooth finish. No exposed screws Ergonomic design makes card and fingerprint authentication fast & simple for users preference for either card or fingerprint access control reader. This greatly reduces installation time & expense

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Automatic Motorized Retractable Gate

Automatic Motorised Retractable Gate Model OFRG-515C Material Aluminum Gate Height 1.6 Meter Gate Width 0.64 Meter Applications Factory gate, Enterprise gate, School gate, University gate, Government gate, etc. Product Description Material Aluminum Color White Style Fashionable and Modern Standard Height 1.6m/Customized Gate Width 650mm Major Material Auxiliary Material Bottom Beam Material 3557mm 3339mm 2336mm Gate Motor Trackless Motor Specifications -1.

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Red scan Laser Fence Perimeter Security

Use the Redscan RLS-3060SH laser detector from OPTEX to protect your perimeter and all high security assets on your property. With 100ft. of detection at 180°, the Redscan can be mounted horizontally or vertically to create virtual walls and ceilings of detection. The analog or IP REDSCAN laser detector can tie into any alarm or access control system and is compatible with all major Video Monitoring Software platforms. It can drive a PTZ camera to the point of intrusion.

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Fire Detector

Fire detectors are available for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Models are available for both single and multiple stations, as well as system applications. There are a number of different types of detectors available, including smoke, flame, heat, and gas detectors. This handout provides basic information on the operation and application of fire.

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Stand Alone Gas leakage Detector

Standalone Gas Leak Detector is designed to detect and alert the leak of flammable gases. This detector employs a built-in sounder for warning the occupants to take the opportunity to leave. This aesthetically pleasing unit accentuates and upgrades safety standards of your kitchen by preventing accidents due to leakage of LPG. It operates on 230V A.C power supply and is mainly

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System Dual Energy X-ray Inspection

ZKX6550 X-ray inspection system increases the operator’s ability to identify potential threats; the device is designed to scan briefcases, carry-on baggage, small cargo parcels.ZKX6550 uses reliable high quality dual energy X-ray generator. With the superb image algorithm, ZKX6550 could offer clear scanning image, which allows operators to identify potential threat items visually

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