Integrated Security System

Each day business owners and executives strive to take the necessary steps forward to lead their business in the most optimal direction. While profits, overhead, personnel and market improvement take much of our focus, we tend to forget one of the most essential aspects of our business: security.

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House & office Automation

Home Automation / Office Automation / Business Automation Smart House & Office Management Manage your house or your office frome everywhere in the world, Remote management, Remote monitoring and triggering , Smart Lihgting, Smart Heating, Smart Air Conditionning ,

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Substation & Generator Installation

Our core focus is power generation, and our professionals are committed to ongoing professional development to hone their skills with the latest technologies and industry & Apartment requirements. We provide a total solution from identification.

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We deliver the best Website design & e-Commerce web design, web development, & web application developers in the industry. We gained our national Web Design reputation as a website design company with a staff of professional website designers and website eCommerce website developers; we give you the right solution on right time with competitive cost.

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Online Software Solutions

Looking for a custom web application to assist with the operational needs of your business? Or want to make your business tasks to be automated and run Online. Passion Tech provides you, tailor made solutions which best suits to your need and fulfill your business requirements. Or else we have set of software tools, Ready-made Products which will fit to your business Needs.

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Domains, Web Hosting & Email solutions

Hosting, Reliable, Fast, Safest with U Support service & 99.99% Uptime. VPS Server and Dedicated Server solutions with very cost effective way for the individual / business companies for business infrastructure Management.

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Digital Marketing

At Techmagnate, we have years of experience navigating the fast-evolving digital landscape and delivering quality digital marketing services. We have a long history of delivering successful business outcomes for clients from diverse industry verticals.

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Passino Tech Computers Network Services Include: On-Site / In-Home Network Service, Residential / Multi-User Business Networks, Fully Wired Networks, WiFi / Wireless Networks, Network Security Home Networks / File Sharing Router Configuration.

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Smart Transport

GPS tracking devices are now available that integrate all-over vehicle safety via real-time video streaming, GPS tracking and monitoring vehicle data. Real-time video and audio streaming There are a variety of instances where monitoring.

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Hardware Repairing & maintenance

Passion Tech Solutions is your full service technology solution. We support you and your business from desktops to laptops, tablets, servers, network infrastructure, network security,

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Rooftop Gardening

Few words about Rooftop Gardening Rooftop gardening is special type of urban agriculture or urban horticulture. Standing on one of the higher floors of a building, we see immediately how extremely large the total surface of the roofs in the city is.

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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS India, a bulk SMS service provider in Bangladesh for business of all sizes and budget. From past two years, we have catered diverse business enterprises with a safeguarded SMS gateway.

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We are always ready to take any challenge, So give your Problem to us, we will provide you the solution which will best fit and match to you.